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Safari Among Giants - World's Wildest Wind Turbines

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About the tour

Embark on a truly unique safari and experience the world's largest wind turbines up close! With our brand new podcast series, you can take a self-guided tour - by bike or on foot - and listen to fascinating stories about the development of the turbine center and the latest technologies.

We call it Safari Among Giants, and it's a tour you'll never forget. Listen to a mix of facts, local narratives, and anecdotes from the turbine center and the lifespan of windmills while experiencing the whooshing of the impressive wind turbines. And if you prefer a more structured tour, you can always join one of our guided tours during holiday periods.

So join the Safari Among Giants and have an unforgettable experience in the exciting world of wind energy!

Try our intro before you take the plunge, so you also know if your equipment works.

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All year round, whenever you want.

50+ chapters, 10 km walking tour,

2+ hours.

Boost your knowledge in record time with our premium podcast, "Testcenter Universe". With over 2 hours of in-depth insight into the world's largest wind turbine test center, it's more than just a walk - it's a world-class journey! Experience the journey from the earliest thoughts to the future of renewable energy on a picturesque 10 km walking tour. Click here to start your adventure now!

Kr 125,-


All year round, whenever you want.

40+ chapters, 4 km walking tour,

1+ hours

Dive into the world of wind turbines with our podcast 'Arena'! In just one hour, you'll gain knowledge about Østerild Test Center, nearby testing sites, and get a breath of Denmark's rich wind turbine history. All of this while following our recommended 4 km light walking route. Learn, experience, and immerse yourself with us. Click here to take the next step!


All year round, whenever you want.

30+ chapters, 1.6 km walking tour,

30+ minutes.

Get the essence of Østerild Test Center with our 'Test Center Zone' podcast! In a short but content-rich half hour, you'll be introduced to the test center and the nearest testing areas. Take a brisk 1.6 km walk and listen to stories about the establishment and development of the test center. A quick and informative insight awaits. Click here to start your lightning visit!

Kr 65,-

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