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  • Take care of yourself and others in the Test Center
    It is not permitted to move into the areas where the wind turbines are located. This is a workplace, so please be considerate of the people who work at Testcenter Østerild; they are the ones who have to be here while the rest of us are allowed to be here. Stay on the established paths.
  • How much does a visit with a guide cost?
    Depending on whether you are a group on tour or come as a tour guide alone or with others, there is a difference in the price. (Applicable from 01-01-2023) Tourist. With the guide on tour during holiday periods with planned tours for tourists. Tourists DKK 135 / person Children under 12 free according to parents Group Group basic price DKK 1,450 For the whole group + a service fee of DKK 10/participant + VAT is added, which is paid to the Municipality for the maintenance of the area. The basic price is paid as a fee that is exempt from VAT. example. Group of 15 participants: DKK 1450 + DKK 187.50 = DKK 1637.50. in total. Addendum Groups after 5-7pm, weekends and public holidays: +50% supplement to the basic price. Schools School basic price: DKK 1,350 for the whole group + additional service fee of DKK 10/participant + VAT, which is paid to the municipality's maintenance of the area. After 5pm-7am, weekends and public holidays: +50%
  • What does the payment cover?
    The payment covers the guide for 1½ hours and the visit to the center itself. Here we drive by bus or car, depending on how you arrive. Without the guide, it's on foot or bicycle. The guide tells about the area, the creation of the centre, and of course a lot of mill talk. The development over time from small, not particularly efficient turbines to today's gigantic power plants, each of which can supply entire cities. If there is a wish for a shorter or longer visit, this can be agreed upon when ordering or by simply calling us or specifying it when booking. The service fee covers the municipality's maintenance of the area, toilet and exhibition. With the Podcast series, you are on your own with the story in your headset.
  • Can you plan catering, food, coffee or a meeting room and other things.
    Yes, we are happy to do that. Everything beyond the visit with the guide is for us planning beyond the visit, and we charge a one-off payment of DKK 500 for that. When you book a group tour, you have the opportunity to specify what we will plan for you. Please also write a comment if there are any special wishes, and we will handle it for you.
  • Does it cost extra on weekends?
    Both yes and no. No It does not cost extra if you use the podcast series. Yes If, on the other hand, you book the guide as a group, there is the following supplement. Between 17:00 and 07:00, weekends and public holidays: +50%, the service fee is not added. On the other hand, there is no VAT on the payment as it is considered a fee, in the same way as a lecture which is VAT exempt.
  • Safari among giants - Podcast
    On Safari among giants with the podcast series see under Safari. Zone DKK 50 duration approx. 1 hour. Distance 2 km. Arena DKK 75 duration approx. 1½ hours. Distance 4 km. Universe DKK 100 duration approx. 2 hours. Distance 10 km. The distance is your own choice, the specified is our recommendation.
  • How do I find the Visitor Centre?
    You can find that by clicking on the map and following the directions there:
  • Can you drive your own car in the centre?
    No You may not drive your own car into the centre. Park the car at the visitor centre. You are only allowed to drive around the center with a guide. If you are by bus, we will drive it. Yes In the center you can ride your own bikes and walk around. Always follow the instructions in the centre.
  • What catering options are there?
    There are many opportunities in Thy to get catering that is locally rooted. Check which has many references and notices for just that. Mie makes fantastically exciting food from local ingredients, most of it from her own "catch" and harvest (Click on the picture and go directly to her page ) For large and small events, Thy Event & Naturcenter is a good choice. From here the food can be delivered directly to the test centre. Click on the image to go directly to
  • Can you bring your own food?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it in or outside the visitor centre. There are 24 seats inside and lots of space outside!
  • Are we coming up in a mill?
    Unfortunately, there is no access to the mills, but we will get close. There is a part of a mill tower at the visitor center that you can climb. The only mill with public access is Tvind Møllen in Ulfborg.
  • General access
    There is usually access without a guide in the centre. You can walk or cycle around. All traffic must take place in accordance with instructions in the centre.
  • When is the center open?
    The Visitor Center is open from 07.00 - 22.00 every day all year round! During the same time period, you can move around on your own, but you may not drive into the test center by car, but rather walk or cycle. Always observe signage and notes for traffic in the area. It is a test center where work is done, so it is important to observe the specified caveats!
  • Where can I learn more about wind energy?
    You can learn more about wind if you go to the website knowledge about wind!
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