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Take a walk on the wild side.

Go straight to the podcast.


Embark on a Safari Among Giants with our Podcast, at your own convenience, at your own pace, with your loved ones...

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50+ chapters spread across the 3 tours.

You have complete control over the pace and can take breaks along the way to enjoy your own refreshments.

UNIVERS - provides access to 50+ chapters (2+ hours, approximately 10 km)

ARENA - provides access to 40+ chapters (1+ hour, approximately 4 km)

ZONE - provides access to 30+ chapters (30+ minutes, approximately 1.6 km)

About the Tour

This is a self-guided tour with a podcast on your smartphone. Look for the scheduled guided tours during holiday periods if you prefer.

You can embark on your very own safari by bike or on foot and experience the exhilaration from the world's wildest wind turbines - up close - with the story in your headset from our brand new podcast series. We call it Safari Among Giants.

A safari among giants is a journey you will rarely forget. You have arrived at the pinnacle of the Wind Turbine industry, where the newest technologies are tested and developed. The stories are a blend of facts, locally rooted narratives, nature, and, of course, anecdotes from the life and lifespan of the wind turbine center and the wind turbines themselves.

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