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Thy is at the forefront when it comes to sustainable change.

Green-Team-Thy shows you where you can experience the green technologies.

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Join Green-Team-Thy on an unforgettable experience at the National Test Center for large wind turbines in Østerild. Here you can experience the world's largest and most advanced wind turbines in the test phase and get an insight into the latest technology in renewable energy. Our dedicated guides, who are energy enthusiasts, will take you on a tour that is both present, exciting and at times humorous, and which will give you a unique experience of Thy as a front runner in the green transition.

Tourists from all over the world come to Thy to experience the impressive windmills, which can reach up to 330 meters in height with colossal wingspans. Our tours are tailored to meet the needs of different visitors, from school classes to universities and industry, and many companies and associations make trips to the test center as part of their programme. Whatever your purpose for visiting Thy, our guides will give you a deeper understanding of the green transition and the impressive technology that drives it.

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Hi, my name is Christian and I am a guide here in Østerild. I look forward to seeing you.

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