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Energy hiking on the edge - Take a walk on the wild side

A hike on the edge with a view of Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve, the northern part of National Park Thy. Here you will be guided on a route from the harbor up the slope and around the edge to Denmark's largest wilderness. The story tells of nature, renewable energy, wave energy and infrastructure.


The story starts at Færgegrillen at Hanstholm harbor.

Energy change for everyone whenever it suits you. (If you dare)
A sensual experience for the whole family. (However, you must be mobile as the terrain is very hilly and there are stairs.)

Alien Energy Walk was developed at the IT University in Copenhagen, by the research project Alien Energy. It connects the landscape with The Danish Wave Energy Center in Hanstholm, together with other energy-creating landscapes; water energy in Orkney, Scotland and geothermal energy (geothermal) in Iceland.

It tells stories and offers dreams of the sustainable energy sources of the future.

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Parallel Lines

Vælg den næste billet der er tilgængelig. Tiden har ingen betydning.   Billetten er gyldig i 1 måneder fra første gang, du bruger den.

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